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What is MivaEdu?

MIVAEDU is the social education tool that helps Africans to share their knowledge and experiences in a QUESTION and ANSWER(Q&A) format. MivaEdu allows you to learn and discover. With questions on specialized topics such as Mathematics or Science, students can use MivaEdu as a learning tool. Thank you for your participation to educate Africa.

Who can benefit from MivaEdu?

All Africans can take advantage of MivaEdu by asking questions and getting answers from experts and peers around the world. Students can also profit by asking questions that will assist them to have a deeper understandings of subjects in all matters of studies.

How to use MivaEdu?

It is very easy to use MivaEdu. In fact everyone can use Mivaedu. Simply ask a question. Other Africans and anyone can come answer to help you. Users who give the best answers will receive positive points from other readers.

Will MivaEdu have online courses?

Yes, in fact MivaEdu boasts an online University called Miva University allowing instructors, professors, researchers, tutors, African experts and everyone to create online classes to give free and paid courses to Africans.

As a student can I use MivaEdu as an annal of studies?

Absolutely pupils and students can ask questions in all topics from primary school up to university studies. The answers to the questions will be properly classified in clear categories that other students can consult. MivaEdu has a very efficient search engine that you can use to easily find the answers to your questions.